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Kaur Kauture provides Australian handmade fashion and personal styling services.

Kaur Kauture blossomed from a desire to combine a girl’s whimsical nature, full of spirit and dreams, with the classic finesse, sleek silhouettes, and poise of a lady who knows her heart.

The vision is not only to bring more awareness to the types of embroideries that the brand is using, but also the history as to where the designs originated. As a result, I aim to empower you with greater knowledge and understanding of traditional fashion and heritage.

I want to explore and try new things.

I want to have honest relationships.

I want you to blossom.

How I Started

Inspired by my Indian heritage, Kaur Kauture was founded by me; Livleen Kaur - Designer and Stylist.

Helping people to be their best is a driving factor in my life. I believe happiness is a reflection of your attitude and I have a keen focus on remaining in touch with the human side of business and understanding what drives and motivates people.

This in turn has allowed me to build my own leadership capabilities.

I have a passion for sustainable fashion and strive to encourage people to waste less, and instead live by the motto 'wear once, give back'. Through my journey to upcycle old fabrics, I can interpret traditional Indian prints in a modern and chic light.

I am passionate about raising awareness of the regions of India from where these designs originate and instil greater knowledge and understanding of traditional art.

As a personal stylist, I help my clients to elevate and reinvent their style and confidence. It’s my job to help them understand that they are important, deserving, and define their personal brand and style. They leave empowered with knowledge to make confident style choices, so they always look and feel like the best version of themselves.


I want to empower women to be strong in their own unique selves and unafraid to stand up for what they believe in

I want to support our sisters and bring awareness to the work they do for their communities

In this ever changing society which forces all sorts of 'rules' on women, I want to break the barriers and strive for freedom and growth

Combining tradition with modernity ensures these pieces remain timeless in the everchanging world of fashion

We recognise that customers are the reason for any business success, so we are committed to listening to our customers and strive to respond positively to their needs

Our Customers

Kaur means 'princess' and that’s who you are to me.

A strong woman with classic elegance and poise, you’re fearless and unafraid of judgment. Embracing your unique sense of style, you enjoy wearing pieces which exude quiet sophistication and romance.

You understand tradition and modernity and have an eye for unique fashion. You take inspiration from the world around you.

You understand the value of giving back to the community; you’re fair, kind, and empathetic. Above all, you empower those around you to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

*She sees the world through her spirit*
*She blossoms*

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