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Do you struggle to find clothes that fit well and compliment your shape?

Do you struggle to put outfits together that you look and feel great in?

Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out what to wear?

80% of women wear only 20% of their clothes! Let me help you get maximum wearability out of 100% of your clothes.

This package is ideal if you are

  • Looking to elevate your current wardrobe and declutter unnecessary garments

  • Wanting to determine your signature style to save money on garments that don't work

  • A busy lady who wants to silence the overwhelm in deciding what to wear everyday

  • Wanting to maximise, and feel great in, the wardrobe you already have

What does it include?

1 hour style consultation

  • A review of wardrobe, shopping and lifestyle focussed style objectives

  • Colours that best suit your palette and the ones to stay away from

  • How to best flatter your body shape

3 hour wardrobe edit

  • Assessment of your wardrobe against your style objectives

  • Create fresh new looks that suit your objectives

  • Education on why some pieces work and some don't

  • Learn what flatters your shape and style

  • Discover missing pieces that will enhance your look

  • Wardrobe organisation suited to your lifestyle

Invest in yourself today!

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