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Inconsistent clothing sizes and why they shouldn't bother you

I'll bet one of the top factors deterring you from buying clothes online is 'I don't know if this will fit me'.

I get it.

And I know why that is.

As frustrating as it is, there is no consistent size guidelines in Australia. And that means our reliance on that number on the clothing tag is getting us nowhere. So instead of accepting that you will be eternally confused with inconsistent sizing, I suggest a more holistic alternative to choosing and shopping the clothes that truly suit you.

When you go into clothing stores, are you focusing on the size or the fit?

For most of us, the size matters a lot. But what happens when you walk into one store where a particular size fits, and you walk into the next only to realise you need to up a couple sizes to fit into their clothes?

You probably end up spiralling down this rabbit hole of 'Crap, I’ve gained weight'.

That’s what happens when you associate your ‘fit’ with a number. We are so obsessed with these numbers that we sometimes end up associating size with our self-confidence. Even though it’s an objective way to quantify measurements, it doesn’t really feel good when you’ve realised that you’ve jumped up one size higher in another shop, does it?

Aside from the fact that inconsistency in sizing is confusing, it would certainly feel frustrating too.

Because sizing is inconsistent, you'll find that your perfect 'fit' in one store is different to the next.

And that's where it comes down to shopping FOR YOUR BODY.

Here’s how you resolve this dilemma:

Focus on your FIT, NOT SIZE.

Find the garment that's right for your shape especially when you want to visually represent the best version of yourself.

So what does the right fit really look like?

It all comes down to what YOU want. I know, there is no one-size fits-all approach here. We're all human and all so beautifully different that there's no way I can sit here telling you how to shop without getting to know you.

But you can get to know yourself.

So think about your senses.

  • How do you want to visually look in your clothes?

  • How do you want to feel?

These are the questions that truly matter, inches and centimetres be damned.

At the end of the day, size really is just a number.

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