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Personal Styling

Whether you realise it or not, the way you dress yourself every day is a visual representation of your personal brand.

It is a way you tell the story about yourself, how you want others to perceive you, what makes you interesting and powerful.


What story are you telling?

My Story

Working in the corporate industry, I come across so many people who want to visually represent the best version of themselves, but don’t know how to dress the part.

These women are very successful in their field but continue to hide behind safe outfits which society perceives as appropriate; these outfits are generally not what makes them feel incredible. They might be judged based on their looks rather than their capabilities. This can cause unnecessary distractions from getting the work done.

The way you dress has a psychological impact on both yourself and those around you. Not dressing to reflect the best version of yourself can make your confidence levels plumet.

Helping you to be your best is a driving factor in my life. Specifically, to help you elevate and reinvent your style and confidence.

It’s my job to help you understand that you are important, deserving, and define your personal brand and style. You will leave empowered with knowledge to make confident style choices, so you always look and feel like the best version of yourself.

What a personal styling experience look like


Understanding YOU

Understanding your wardrobe

Shopping time!

I'm here for you

A consultation where I get to understand your lifestyle and needs so I can tailor the rest of the experience to you

An assessment of your wardrobe against your style objectives and discovering new style options from what you already own

Trying on pre-selected pieces to fill the gaps in your wardrobe based on your budget and style

I'll be here to provide you with ongoing support as you need it

Personal Styling packages

Elevate your style and confidence

Get maximum wearability out of 100% of your clothes

  1. Style consultation

  2. Wardrobe edit


Reinvent your style and confidence

Define your signature style and feel empowered and inspired

  1. Style consultation

  2. Wardrobe edit

  3. Personal shopping session

  4. Post shopping wardrobe review




Eliminate the overwhelm and give back the precious time in your day to focus on YOU

  1. Style consultation

  2. Personal shopping session



Style Consultation

The first step towards your style journey

Customer Stories

Livy understood my sense of style with just one session of consultation before the actual session.

I think Livy has a great sense of extracting what her clients need-I don't think I was able to articulate my needs perfectly but Livy managed to get that out of me by asking the right questions

 ~ Priyanka, Melbourne (virtual)

Working with Livy on my style was fantastic! Her warm nature put me at ease. I loved that she encouraged me to mix and match colours and accessories in a way that I have never attempted before. She gave really great feedback on what works and what I could add to my wardrobe to work with my style but also add a bit more to get a bit out of my comfort zone but still feel amazing in. I enjoyed working with Livy to develop my confidence in outfits I would never think of piecing together. Overall, it was a great session and I can’t wait to try out these new ideas.

~ Nav, Melbourne (face to face)

From the moment I had a consult with Livy, I felt comfortable and calm and a bit excited to as to what the outcome would be. She brought a smile and laugh and kept each session upbeat. As we live in different states I was also impressed how we were able to do this session online. I felt she was right here beside me and I was able to put my trust in her to create her magic. 

~ Danielle, Melbourne (virtual)

I actually had a closet full of clothes that I thought I hated but it turns out I love so much of it. This is because I didn't really know how to style items in a way that looked modern or flattering. I was surprised at how well some colours went together. I would never have thought to pair some of them as I would have thought too bold. But, it really did work together when you suggested the combination. It was also interesting that we could do it through video chat and have it feel like you were there in the room

~ Sarah, Melbourne (Virtual)

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